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Friday morning goat walk

It’s been a little over a month since my return from Quail Springs, and I can feel the experience slipping further into the recesses of my memory. Going through pictures of the beautiful views and faces that surrounded us for those ten days, listening to recordings of songs we fell in love with (Andrew’s songs here and here, as well as Jan’s), and preparing our favorite new recipes can only do so much to allow us to access moments we can’t get back. But here’s a post to commemorate what was perhaps one of the most anticipated parts of our trip: a goat walk on a sunny Friday morning through dust and brush, valley and hill, with Gita on goatback, Brenton and Jan guiding the way and old King panting along behind us.


IMG_8952 IMG_8960 IMG_8964 IMG_8975 IMG_8981 IMG_8983 IMG_8995 IMG_9014 IMG_9016IMG_9041IMG_9030 IMG_9045 IMG_9051 IMG_9058 IMG_9059 IMG_9063


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